Welcome to The Garage Sale Warehouse

Over 64,000 Sq. Ft. and over 250 Booths! in our 2 stores!

The largest indoor Antique and Collectibles Mall in the Northwest. 

Visit both of our locations.

New!  Flea Market Sunday   That's Every Sunday!!  Indoor and Outdoors.  Plenty of free parking! 

See  "Do Business At" The Garage Sale Warehouse Page for details 

Contact us soon to reserve your booth space or to get more information about how to sell with us!  Click the "About Us" tab to do business! 

Thousands of Vintage Pieces, Memorabilia, Antiques, Collectibles and Everyday Items

Browse with Ease through the Wide Aisles in our Comfortable, 
Clean and Well-Lit Warehouses

We Buy in Bulk, like "Storage Wars," and you SAVE! 

Leashed Pets Always Welcome


Every Saturday / Viewing at 2p / Auction starts at 3p


Go to NWEmpirePublicAuction.com for current pictures.

There will be around 300 lots to be auctioned off. 

If you want to sell items at the auction please call before bringing items in.

Call Kent @ 503-572-9959 for more information.


Treasures You Will Find:

Electric and hand tools, jewelry, small kitchen appliances, furniture, 
classic neon signs, video equipment, flat screen televisions, computer equipment,
clothing, jackets, shoes, books, framed art, picture frames, DVD & VHS players,
stereo equipment, toys, strollers, bikes, baby and toddler items, video games,
seasonal items, home decor, collectibles, kitchen supplies, sporting goods,
automotive products, games, lawn and garden tools, hardware items, 
cameras, kitchen appliances, storage and display shelves. 


Visit Us Today:


                    4810 SW Western Avenue                                             12330 SW Walker Road


Open 7 Days a Week:

Western Ave. & Walker Rd. 

Regular Hours 

Mon-Sun 11am – 7pm 

Extended hours during the holiday season

Open until the last customer leaves.

Pet Friendly 


Plenty of FREE Parking  

Local Delivery Available

We Accept All 
Major Credit Cards 


Western Avenue Phone 
(971) 246-8626

Walker Road Phone 
(503) 747-4095

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